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Trelly Group Rebrand

Trelly Group is an innovative real estate company working to revolutionize and democratize real estate investment for real people. Trelly Group has several brands spanning across nearly all aspects of the real estate space from real estate investment, to residential retail, to real estate tech. With its flagship brand Trelly, they're working to realize their core mission to help investment real estate evolve into a widely-acceptable asset class.

As Creative Director at Trelly Group, I oversaw a top-to-bottom rebrand of Trelly Group and its three child brands. Prior to the rebrand, Trelly Group and its child brands bore virtually no visible relationship to each other. To put us on a footing for national expansion and venture capitol funding, we needed to make the brands all fit together cohesively. We created an entire brand system, and each brand was given a fresh identity—from logo to type and color scheme—all of which work independently and fit together as a whole.

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