Mike & Phil

Mike Muench, Art Director

While sketching my favorite logos on notebooks in the 6th grade, you'd think it would've occurred to me that a career as an art director would be a safe bet. It didn't. It actually took years for me to realize that people actually get paid to do that stuff. But eventually I was able to piece together all of the things that I loved doing from various jobs over the years and the picture became clear.

Since then, I've received an Associate of Arts degree in advertising from Academy of Art University in San Francisco while working as a freelance marketing consultant. I'm currently enrolled in the Art Direction program at The Creative Circus in Atlanta. It's been a great ride and I'm proud of the work I put into creating my book.

Phil Fattore, Copywriter

I come from the Detroit area. That's usually one of the first things people learn about me.
The second isn't spoken, but seen...I doodle on everything. The third is that I'm a huge sports fan, and the 2004 Detroit Pistons are my favorite TEAM of all-time because they're one of the only true teams of all-time. I used to be a sportswriter too, and a basketball coach briefly. But I was tired of spending weekends in High School gyms, so I took my pencils to copywriting.

I love it. There's no better feeling than working with people as a team,
solving a problem, and making something awesome.
I've used that word a lot since getting into copywriting.
I just want to keep working on great projects, with hard-working teammates who will listen to my jokes, bad movie references and every first, second, third and etc. thoughts. 

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